TEST is a non-profit organisation set up by indigenous people to find sustainable and practical solutions to manage land in the eastern Serengeti Ecosystem. For many years conflicts over land and land management have sparked violence and unrest in the area. This is not how local communities want to live, nor is it good for wildlife.

Local people set up TEST to help resolve conflicts and initiate change for the better. This is a big challenge - we want solutions where people, livestock and wildlife can live together in peace and harmony. TEST can’t resolve the problems by working alone - we look for partners to work with us on projects and help us realise our dream.

TEST’s work is closely aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals - seeking peace and prosperity for people and the planet. TEST works with partners (Government, local authorities, businesses and NGOs) on projects which:

  • Develop effective land use plans
  • Manage land sustainably
  • Build sustainable settlements for indigenous people
  • Improve livestock and raise standards of pastoralism
  • Conserve wildlife
  • Offer responsible eco-tourism

Strapline: Enhancing collaboration and improving lives